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Boston Schoolchildren Showcase Salad Creations

The fourth and final session of the 2017 Freshtime Fun Club took place on Friday 30th June, when Year 6 presented their ideas for new salads to our Managing Director Steve Evans. 

Following their first session with our Head of CSR Mel Miles, when they were given the opportunity to try Freshtime products, the 60 Year 6 pupils gathered in the school hall to present their new salad ideas in groups of five and six.

Steve had challenged them in a video shown in the first session, to come up with some ideas for an innovative salad that we could potentially market to our customers.

For this session, Steve sat on a panel of judges alongside Year 6 teachers Paula Clegg and Jenny Powell (cue jokes about him being the food industry’s equivalent of Simon Cowell!).

All 10 groups bravely presented to the judges and their peers their ideas for some healthy new salads – complete with pricing strategies, packaging and marketing campaigns. Some had even rehearsed songs and poems, which they performed very confidently.

The imaginative ideas ranged from including hot and spicy chicken wings and nachos, to lesser-known vegetables such as purple carrots.

Some groups had also seriously considered the food-to-go element by providing forks and napkins with their salads, and ensuring the packaging design didn’t allow for any spillage when being transported.

The judges had score sheets, on which they were required to mark the students out of 10 for each of the following criteria: balanced ingredients, appearance, marketing campaign and the quality of the presentation.

It’s safe to say that Steve was so blown away by the level of effort and commitment, that it was difficult to choose the winning team.

Therefore, the judges decided to recognise the top three teams by inviting them up to the front of the hall for special recognition. These were as follows:

1st place: Flavourful Fiesta, for their organic spicy chicken salad

2nd place: Delightful Delicacies, for their smoky salad which included the Freshtime logo

3rd place: La Saladas, for their 320-calorie salad which included environmentally-friendly packaging

Although it was the team behind Flavourful Fiesta that was presented with the winning prize of a children’s cookbook, Steve was keen to reward all the pupils for their hard work.

To their surprise, he offered to take the groups’ recipes back to our chefs to make up, so that he could return to the school with them for Year 6 to try!