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Pupils Quizzed on their Knowledge of Veg

The Year 4 classrooms at Carlton Road Academy in Boston were buzzing with energy as our Head of CSR Mel Miles tested pupils’ knowledge of fresh produce.

The third session of the 2017 Freshtime Fun Club took place on Monday 26th June, when Mel donned his hi-vis jacket and hard hat to teach the children all about different types of vegetables.

He showed them everything from a carrot to a butternut squash, and generated lots of enthusiasm among the children by asking them to spin around or jump when he held up each one.

Mel also demonstrated the official fun club hard hat test on one excited volunteer, by asking the pupil to place the hat on her head and then gently tapping it with various vegetables. Of course, she didn’t feel a thing!

The Year 4 pupils already had a good understanding of fresh produce, and a few of them have relatives who work for us.

They were encouraged to ask questions and certainly didn’t hold back! We had some fantastic queries, which were especially impressive considering they’re only eight and nine years old.

 Questions included:
  •  What’s it like to work in a food factory?
  • How many vegetables do you sell?
  • How do you collect the seeds from the vegetables?
  • Where did the first turnip come from and how did they come to be?
  • How did you get your job?
  • What’s the hardest bit about working in the factory?

The fourth and final session of the Freshtime Fun Club session will take place on Friday 30th June, when our Managing Director Steve Evans will visit Year 6 to judge their salad creations.