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Freshtime Gets Green Seal of Approval

The green credentials of Lincolnshire food producer Freshtime UK have been given the seal of approval by Investors in the Environment.

Freshtime has been awarded the highest green level of accreditation by iiE following a thorough environmental audit of the company earlier this month.

To qualify for green accreditation Freshtime had to meet strict criteria before undergoing the audit.

Freshtime is now classed as a green leader by Investors in the Environment and will help to set the standard for the environment amongst businesses.

“We are extremely pleased with this accreditation, which gives us a truly independent assessment of the environmental work and projects we have successfully completed,” said Graham Dayes, Health, Safety and Training Co-ordinator at Freshtime.

“A little over two years ago we first seriously asked ourselves what our carbon footprint was likely to be. At that time we had no accurate measure of our impact on the environment or on the community.

“We knew this work was the right thing to do so we applied the science, did the maths, made improvements and put in place better controls and measures.

“There was a bit of a pain barrier to conquer at the beginning, but there was a sound business case for the project.

“This means we now have a more sustainable business with sustainable employment, and looking at the bigger picture, that sustainability is better for the wider community in which we live and the countryside which we share.”

The environmental audit covered use of resources such as gas, electricity, water, landfill waste, propane, liquid CO2 and refrigerant.

It also considered Freshtime activities such as the Big Boston Cleanup, use of paper from sustainably farmed trees and involvement in the South Lincolnshire Safety Group.

A spokesman for Investors in the Environment commented: “Freshtime is a food production facility which unavoidably consumes large amounts of resources and generates various waste streams. It is refreshing to see that they are motivated and committed to invest in offsetting these impacts in so many ways, whether it is through technology or behavioural change.

“Their work would be perfect for a project or case study as this is sustainability on a massive scale. With plans for the future such as decontamination strategies, anaerobic digesters and voltage optimisation we are truly excited to see what progress they make towards their targets.”

Among Freshtime’s strengths highlighted in the audit report were:

• Thorough monitoring of multiple resources and waste streams showing CO2 emissions per tonne of product
• All staff are trained in waste reduction and recycling
• Certificates are given to staff who prepare vegetables and salads in a way that yields ‘clean waste’ which can then be used as animal feed
• Close to zero waste to landfill through re-use of waste for energy production
• Overall CO2 footprint reduced by 37% from last year
• Paper and cardboard compacted on site for economic cost recovery
• Ambitious targets for carbon reduction
• £88,000 invested in replacing all production area lighting with LED low voltage system.

To find out more about Investors in the Environment visit www.iie.uk.com.