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Freshtime Helps Out at Cranwell Health Day

Pupils at Cranwell Primary School welcomed some special guests from leading food producer Freshtime as part of the school’s health day.

More than 160 children aged between seven and 11 spent part of the day learning about vegetables and how to prepare them thanks to three members of staff from the Boston-based firm.

Production Manager Becky Hourihan, Senior New Product Development Chef Luke Pearson and Julia Pires, PA to Managing Director Mark Newton, hosted six sessions which involved an interactive talk on vegetables followed by demonstrations of various chopping techniques.

During the first half of the sessions, Becky tested the children’s knowledge on a variety of fresh produce and shared some facts that even some of the adults in the classroom didn’t know!

She said: “This was the first time I’d been to a school as part of my job and I was amazed by how many of the vegetables the children correctly identified without any prompting. One girl even recognised pak choi, which was especially impressive!

“Some guesses were a bit obscure at times though; we had everything from a brain when I held up a radicchio lettuce to a wig when I held up a frisée lettuce!”

Pupils were also given the opportunity to handle and taste the produce, which included broccoli and cabbage as well as less common vegetables such as yellow beetroot and purple carrots.

Julia added: “It was great to see the children so enthusiastic and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them in the classroom. Some claimed that they never eat or don’t like vegetables but by the end of the session had tried several different types.”

The second half of each session with Freshtime was spent in the school kitchen, where chef Luke recapped on the chopping techniques taught as part of the National Curriculum and demonstrated other popular preparation techniques such as spiralizing.

Year 3 teacher Steph Pettit, who organised the day, said: “The kids were totally in awe of Luke – you could hear a pin drop during his demonstrations. A few of them didn’t believe that he’s a real chef, but that soon changed when they saw him in action!

“The team from Freshtime were brilliant and both pupils and staff alike learned lots of new things. I’d like to thank the team for their time and effort – we had a fantastic day.”

The health day was part of the school’s learning objectives for the year and included activities hosted by nurses from nearby RAF Cranwell and PE teachers from a local secondary school.