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Procurement Apprentice Laura is a First for Freshtime

Laura Harpham (20) began her career as a chef but joined the firm in March as a trainee buyer in the procurement department to develop her career in a more commercial role.

“Freshtime has given me a brilliant opportunity and I intend not to waste a second of it”, said Laura, who lives in Pinchbeck and attended school in Baston and college in Stamford.

“I have lots to learn but everybody has been so patient and supportive that I look forward to being able to pull my own weight within the team. That’s all quite a way off at the moment, but every day brings a new challenge and I am very much enjoying my junior role.”

John Stokes, Head of Procurement at Freshtime, said Laura is currently in the early stages of the process but is learning quickly and starting to make a contribution to the business.

“We’re very pleased with Laura’s progress so far and feel that training our own team can only be a benefit to the future of Freshtime and the wider industry.”

Laura is being supported by Sharon Green, Head of Skills and Work-Based Learning at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing, University of Lincoln based in Holbeach.

“We are very excited about working with Laura as she starts her career at Freshtime,” said Sharon. “We see the benefits year on year for young people like Laura who get the opportunity to work within the food sector in a diverse range of job roles, gaining a well respected food-related qualification as well as valuable workplace skills and experience.”


“It’s a career for life and Laura has some adventurous learning ahead of her.”